Email Appending

Email Appending

Connecting with your lost customers

Email marketing continues to be an increasingly popular channel for many companies. Economical, quick and easy to personalize, email marketing offers the opportunity to provide customers with a genuinely individual experience,improving the success rates of future marketing campaigns. If your customer database doesn’t include emails, Green B2B Solution's email appends matches your business customer names and addresses to our extensive data pool and discovers their most current deliverable email addresses.

This matching allows you to email your customers about your products and services on an ongoing basis.

Moving your customer relationships online will enable you to:

- Dramatically reduce your communication costs

- Increase the effectiveness of your communications

- Improve the content and frequency of messaging

- Communicate in your customer's preferred medium

- Move your delivery of services to an online format

The Process:

With List2u email append, you can accurately append your B2B file with email address, phone numbers, and deep business demographics that will provide you expanded reach at a lower cost. Check out the way the email append process works:

Step 1 - Hygiene and Standardization:

We will receive and standardize your customer file, including company name, to ensure the highest possible match rate. We will remove duplicate records and apply standard address hygiene, including CASS. We work with most data formats and your information will always be protected within our secure system environment. If your file is missing data elements we can append email address, contact names, titles and other business demographic information to each record.

Step 2 – Email match and Topology:

We identify the domain used for email by your contact's company. We use permission based topology in appending email address. Your contact's email address is derived by following the topology for their company’s domain.

Step 3 – Validation & Verification:

After creating an email address for your contacts we manually verify each and every appended email address for deliverability:

- Confirm the Email Address Accuracy

- Allow the Recipient to opt-out

- Control Quality

Note: You provide the email copy and content of the message and we will transmit it as part of the validation and verification process. This is an optional service

Step 4 - File Delivery:

All validated and delivered email addresses and opt-outs are returned to you. You are only charged for the valid and

delivered addresses. Expected match rates do vary between 60% - 85% for B2B email appending

- Data Enhancement Append Phone/SIC/NAICS/Revenue/Size

- Data De-duping & Cleansing Dedupe, Cleanse all information to your list

- Extra Contact Appending Add Extra Titles, Specify Target Titles

- Reverse Appending Append all missing information to your email list.

Languages include English, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Italian and more

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