CGM Full Campaign

Full CGM Campaign consist of 5 Dialers and 1 Doc Chaser

Full CGM Campaign

What We Provide

1. Marketing Services - We will provide marketing services to generate interest from consumers about Client’s products and services.

  • Creation of direct response campaigns

  • Consumer submissions shall consist of the name, address, and telephone number of:

a. Individual who has indicated that he/she has an interest or need for the product(s) or service(s)

b. Individuals that has given his/her consent to be contacted by telephone about receiving products, even though there is no commitment to purchase products.

2. Call Center Services - We will operate/manage one or more call centers sufficiently staffed by qualified sales personnel to provide the following services to Client:

  • Make telephone calls only to prospective customers, whose names and contact information have been provided

  • Provide triage services to verify patient’s eligibility for services based on information collected

  • Record all customer Consents and provide all recordings to Client with each billing

3. Document and Record Retrieval Services - We will utilize Agency staff to provide the following services to Client:

  • Contact prescribing practitioner to confirm faxed documentation and conduct follow-up regarding same

  • Review potential customers’ records and incorporate pertinent information relating to potential customer’s condition(s) and insurance eligibility

  • Retrieve pertinent documentation of patient for Client to deliver services

  • Upload of records for Client retrieval


  1. Medicare part B

  2. K0553 (Sensors, Lancets, Test Strips & Alcohol Wipes)

  3. K0554 (Receiver/monitor)

Reimbursement (based on FreeStyle Libre CGM)

  • K0553 & K0554 Bundle (First Month)

  • K0553 (1 time per month for 11 months)

  • K0554 ( 1 time every 3 years)


  • State minimum: 35+

  • Website

  • Privacy policy

  • NPI #

  • 12 Month contract

CGM Managed Campaign for:

  • Pharmacies

  • DME Suppliers

  • Medical Distributors

  • Healthcare Providers & Vendors

Call: 602-628-5478 or Email:

or use the CONTACT FORM

By the Numbers: Full Campaign

750 Calls generated per day

5 dialing agents and 1 chaser

So a typical month would generate approx 80 Doc Orders month

CPL or CPA Leads

Cardio Leads - CBD Leads - CGM Leads - CGX Leads - Metformin Leads - UV Wand Leads

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