ERP Users Lists

ERP Customers Database - ERP Users Email Lists specializes in ERP User Lists, ERP Customers Database and ERP User Email Liststargeting the key ERP decision makers around the globe. Our ERP User Lists helps companies increase brand awareness, boost investment returns, promote new products/ add-ons / services and explode market growth by engaging companies.


Since 1998, has built a target specific reputation for delivering high quality, researched ERP marketing lists and intelligence for email, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. The ERP User list targets high opportunity businesses and the Top Decision Makers on thousands of companies from SMB too Large companies in the US and also Global.

Our most popular ERP User lists are SAP User List, Oracle User List, PeopleSoft User List, JDE User List, Microsoft Dynamics User List, Infor User List along with many more ERP and Technology focused Lists.

Using focused research, business intelligence and a Global database of millions of companies, we help our clients understand, target and build relationships with key enterprise wide ERP decision makers at all levels. This includes all C-level, V-level, D-level and M-level executives worldwide.

ERP User Lists include:

- BAAN Users list

- Epicor Users list

- INFOR Users list

- JD Edwards Users list

- Lawson Users list

- MS Dynamics Users list

- NetSuite Users list

- Oracle Users list

- PeopleSoft Users list

- QAD Users list

- SAGE Users list

- SAP Users list

- Windows Azure

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ERP User Lists Data Fields

  1. Contact Name

  2. Email address

  3. Company Name

  4. SIC code

  5. email address

  6. Job Title

  7. Company Revenue

  8. Company Size

  9. Contact number

  10. Company Address

ERP Users List Titles

  • C-level Executives

  • V-level Executives

  • IT Executives

  • Software Executives

  • Engineers

  • Application Executives

  • Operations

  • Finance Executives

  • Directors

  • Managers

  • Sales Executives

  • Marketing

ERP Users List DATA Sources

  • Annual reports and public filings

  • Opt-in email campaigns

  • Trade shows and conferences

  • Technology surveys and feedback forms

  • Business cards and websites

  • ebooks and newsletter subscriptions

  • Business Directories

  • Government lists

  • Trade fairs

  • Yellow Pages

  • Online Subscriptions

  • Social Media

ERP User Lists Counts

- ERP Contacts = 902,388 (all job titles)

- Companies = 48,849